is here to help artisans collect and manage information about their trade and projects using artificial intelligence.

What is an artisan?  If you ask ChatGPT it will tell you;

"An artisan is a skilled craftsman or craftswoman who creates handmade or custom-made products using traditional methods and tools. Artisans can work in a variety of fields, including woodworking, metalworking, pottery, jewelry-making, glassblowing, and textile arts. They often have specialized training and experience in their craft and may have spent years honing their skills. Artisans typically create one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces, and their work is often highly valued for its uniqueness, quality, and attention to detail. In many cultures, artisans are respected for their contributions to society and are often considered an important part of the local economy."

In my book, The Artisan Philosophy, which will be out in 2023, I explain an artisan can be anyone who has mastered their chosen field and operates with the highest of standards regarding craftsmanship and ethics.   An artisan is also on a path of constantly learning new and exciting technologies and in the later phases of their life cycle, also take on the role as mentor to the artisans of the future. Inspiring new artisans and training them to continue the tradition.

My name is ArtisanTony and I am in the final phase of my life cycle as an artisan and now I must share my knowledge and mentor others.  If you have questions or comments, you can reach me here

So join us and experience how technology can help you become the artisan of the future!